New work and welding

Feb 08 2009
I've been posting new work on my webstore, so there's a variety to choose from.    I've been taking so many pictures, I've had to do some serious editing, reorganizing and putting pictures into the appropriate folders.   In between, I have been teaching 4-5 classes a week, and working on several custom orders.   I also have been making more hedgie birds - I certainly love welding now.   I even made 2 hedgehogs out of welded nails.  The hard part is figuring how to make those skinny little legs hedgehogs have.  Having a lot of hedgehogs over a number of years as pets has shown me how hedgehogs look and behave.   Sadly, my last hedgehog died last year, and I've gotten a very comical dog this time.  Here's a picture of my soldering bench, which is a mess since I have nails everywhere, and a few welded pieces.   I spent a lot of time with my torch which is my favorite tool.

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