March Nor'easter and Finches

Mar 02 2009

Today I woke up to the aftermath of a Nor'easter.   It is March 2, and it promises to be a stormy March.   19 more days before spring is officially here.    I counted 10.5" of snow on my lawn.   My mother and   I've gotten the driveway clear and the pathways shoveled out now.

 On another note, I've had finches for almost 20 years now.   When you get a finch, you have to have a pair of finches.  Doesn't matter if it's same sex or a male/female pair, because finches are very social and require pairing.   I've had zebra finches, Cordon Blue finches, Gouldian finches, society finches, spice finch and orange-cheek waxbill ( my favorite).  Right now, it's Chatterbee, a very dark society finch and Miss Daisy, a gray/white zebra finch.  Miss Daisy has been laying eggs, and right now, she's sitting in her nest on 4 eggs.  I have no idea if they will hatch or not, so my mom and I are anxious to find out if we will be having hatchlings.  I'll post any news about new baby birds.    I'll probably be having finches for the rest of my life!   Those little eggs are only about 3/4" and perfect in their wee size.

   My other bird is a parakeet, a very social one, who loves to hang out with me and any other human.   He came from a good friend of mine, and was originally called Donald.  For some reason, my mom kept calling him Robert, and it got to the point he wouldn't respond to Donald anymore.  He's officially "Robert" and it's hard to believe he's been with me for 4 years now.   He's probably 6 years old by now.

Here's a picture of my Adirondark chair and side table completely covered with snow.  2 days ago, it was bare and ready to sit in and now you can see the 10 plus inches of snow.   I use the chair as a barometer of how much snow accummulates per snow.   I've seen worst but it's impressive how much snow you can get in one day.

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