New ideas, new possibilites

Mar 21 2009

For a very long time, I was a hard-core metalsmith, meaning I only used metal, gemstones and occasionally, plastic handles for my flatware.   In the past few years, I've been loosing up, trying out new materials.   A few weeks ago I was at an AC Moore craft store getting rubber stamps and ink.  I happened to pass thru a scrapbooking aisle and saw these fabric and paper flower cutouts.  On a whim, I bought them and thought how I can make them into earrings.  I was wondering, what is exactly scrapbooking?   I think I get the idea.

Anyway, after a few experiments with thread and needle on the fabric flowers and lacquering the paper flowers, I made a series of flower earrings using the paper flowers with a metal earwire.   I think they are very cute, and just perfect for spring.   You never know where inspiration hits you.  Sometimes it hits you over the head and other times, it takes a while before ideas crystalizes.  I do go through a lot of trial and error  to get some designs right.  Other times, my work magically come together and I'm like in a state of wonder.  That is rare and generally I spent a lot of time, sweat, sometimes a few tears and just get the job done.  

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