NH Made

Mar 28 2009

I signed up to be a member of NH Made, an organization promoting New Hampshire products, services and businesses.   With this economy, I'm trying to spread out more, be more creative in getting my name out there and join various organizations.   I'm not a "joiner" by nature, and don't sign up to become members of many organizations, only the ones I want to be but now I have tried to get out more.    

Before the Internet, it was a lot of meeting people, going out to every gallery opening, trying to call people or send letters.  I was shy by nature and it was terrifying to have to deal with people when I was younger.   After teaching for so long, I'm comfortable dealing with people for the most part and I'm gotten more outgoing.     

Now, with the Internet, it's easy to find whatever I want, send emails, sign up with this or that.  Even Facebook was a leap of faith, but I'm reconnecting with classmates and friends I haven't seen since grad school, so that's good for me.    I'm joining a lot more organizations so I'm starting to feel less isolated.   Being an artist can be very lonely.  Artists work alone, for many hours, many days, and sometimes only personal contact is at the grocery store.   Even my mother tells me I have to get out more so being online does helps.

The point is, to get out, reach out, and connect as much as you can.

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