Mar 29 2009

Usually, when I am at a craft fair, I'm an exhibitor.  Once in a while, I will go visit a craft show and I joke that I'm a "civilian", not a participating exhibitor.  This weekend was CraftBoston, in Boston, MA, a very classy, high-end craft show with a lot of fabulous artwork and crafts.   I was an exhibitor back in 2005 and 2007, but chose not to apply for this year due to the economy.   This year, I play host to Sara Sally LeGrande, a glass bead artist who combines wireworking/weaving with her glass beads, so she has very unique jewelry.   Since she didn't have a booth, I rented her my booth, and helped her to set it up.   It was very strange to see my booth, but with someone else's work in it.    Her work looked great and she said she had a good fair, so that was reassuring.

It was really nice to reconnect with fellow craftspeople, some that I hasn't seen in years and just catch up on what they were doing.    It was good to see new exhibitors, new artwork and if I had a million dollars, I would spend it on fine crafts.   We craftspeople usually end up trading which is a very nice bonus.   I had fun wandering up and down the aisles, seeing the wider range of artwork.   Once in a while, it's necessary to get out and see what's out there.    I have some  new ideas and will have to sit down at my workbench to create what I have in mind.

My next fair is the RISD Alumni Spring sale, May 2, on Benefit St, Providence, RI.   That's one thing every craftperson will ask - "when's your next fair?"   I only have 2 scheduled for this spring/summer.

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