Birth of a new bird - the Flying Hedgie

Mar 31 2009

 One One of my students challenged me to make a flying hedgehog so here's a new arrival.   Wobbly from just hatching, the Flying Hedgie takes tentative steps, balancing himself from toppling over onto his beak as he tries out his new wings.   Will he take flight?   Will he be able to fly........      We'll see.  He's rough around the edges, just fresh off the welding table, not cleaned up or painted.  He's as raw as they come.

Flying Hedgie is dedicated to you, Julia.   May you get a chuckle out of him!

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Julia Parkhurst wrote on April 1,2009
Me thinks SHE is just about to experience the thrill that only can come from breaking the bonds of the earth for the first time. What a trip it is and this little gal looks like she has just the right pitch to be successful!!!