Snow Farm!

Apr 23 2009

I'm back at Snow Farm Craft Program to teaching Stonesetting this weekend.   I got the metals studio cleaned out and all organized.  Now I know where everything is in the studio for the first time for once.    Normally, when I go teach at a school or at an educational program, I have to spend the whole day figuring out where is everything, where is all the tools, on top of trying to teach whatever subject I'm teaching.   To have the metals studio at Snow Farm all put together, I can actually relax a bit and focus on my students instead of searching for tools.   I'm deep in the woods in the Berkshires and it's beautiful.  I'm waiting for the flowers to bloom.

On another subject, I got my welded "hedgie birds" nail sculpture accepted into the League of NH Craftsmen, so pretty soon my birds will be taking wing and flying to the various galleries.   I'll be sorry to see my babies leaving the nest but happy to know they will go on to good homes.    Those birds will in my booth at the Annual Craftsmen Fair at Mt. Sunapee Resort in early August.

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