I know it's been a while.......

May 17 2009

I know it's been a while since I last blogged  ( hangs head in shame )    I don't know if it was a delayed reaction having recovered from bronchitis in the past month, but I felt like I was hit by a truck for a week.  Just too tired to do anything.   Now that I feel a lot perkier and raring to go, I'm packing up to go back to Snow Farm which I've anxiously waited for.   I have 7 students in my Jewelry/Metalsmithing class which is very large for me for a Snow Farm class.    Car is slowly being packed and I hope I don't leave anything behind.  I joke I bring everything but the kitchen sink when I do a workshop.   Since I operate on the assumption that whether school or studio I'm going to be teaching at will not have what I specifically need, I bring everything I will need and more.   Sometimes I bring too much.   Knowing Snow Farm's metal studio by heart, I know what to bring.   I gave the metals studio a good cleaning and organizing a few weeks ago, and having plumbed the depths of the metal studio, I know where everything is, once and for all.

I bought a lot of steel rods and steel tubing and hope to get started on Bird Woman, a steel sculpture for the Sculpture Garden for the 75th Annual Craftsmen Fair in Newbury, NH, Aug 1-9.  Here's a picture of a mockup I made to figure out how I want Bird Woman to look like.    I will make prototypes of projects if I'm not sure how it will come out or look like.  Comes in handy when I make wedding rings for clients and I'll make a silver prototype ring so client can see how their rings will look like before I do it in gold or other metal.

I'll post new blogs while I'm at Snow Farm. 

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