Enjoying Snow Farm

May 22 2009

Just finished up teaching my weeklong workshop at Snow Farm.   My 7 students were a handful, that was sure.   I was kept hopping all day long attending to students' work, answering questions and handing out supplies as needed.   I found I did not want to leave Snow Farm and wanted to stay longer, so I'm staying to take a glass lampworking workshop over the weekend. 

   I did try to make Bird Woman but scaling up to 5-6 feet tall is much more work than I thought in cutting the steel, welding it together, grinding off excess steel and figuring out how things will fit together.  If I can try to cut all the steel rods while I'm at Snow Farm, then I can gas-weld them together at my studio.  I'm used to working on a 1 foot to 2 feet scale, and going up to 4-6 feet is challenging.  Some of the steel rods were so hard to saw thru, I had to use a plasma cutter to cut it and it's really cool to use a plasma cutter.  Boy, I sound like a hardcore metalhead, do I?     I really am a hardcore metalsmith, not just a jeweler.  So many tools, so little time or money ....... the bane of a craftsperson.   I love tools and will get excited in a hardware store.

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