Jun 14 2009

I used to keep hedgehogs as pets and I had 8 various hedgehogs over a 8 year span.   My last one, Pumpkin, passed away over a year ago.   I thought I would take a break from hedgehogs and got a dog last fall.   This year, I went into severe hedgehog withdrawl, and really wanted a hedgehog but kept telling myself to wait till next year.   Well, life works in unexpected ways.   My hedgehog breeder ( Prickly Pair Hedgehogs of Swanzey, NH) emailed me earlier this month and asked if I wanted to take a baby hedgehog that was unfortunately got mauled a bit by his mom hedgehog ( it happens sometimes for birthing female  hedgehogs can get a little aggressive for no clear reason).   I'm known among my friends that my home is open to pets that need a home, and at least 4 hedgehogs came to me because they needed a new home.  

Well, little Mr. Spunky which is his nickname for now, is 8 weeks old, and despite a split ear, some scarring, is so gosh-darn cute!  I love, I mean, I love my new hedgehog, and he fills the hole in my heart.   I adore hedgehogs in a way it's hard to describe, and I had missed them terribly.  Mr. Spunky has such a beautiful little face, has so much spunk and inquisitiveness and is used to be handled.   I fell so hard for him  and he's my baby now, having wrapped his "quills" around my heart.  He fits in my hand so well.

I don't care if hedgehogs are perfect or are the runt of the litter.  I rather give the underdog hedgehog a home than a perfect one, which sometimes does not have half the personality of an underdog hedgehog.  Mr. Spunky is tiny for his size and age, but makes up for it.   I love hedgehogs and I'm known as the hedgehog lady in the crafts world.    My life is now complete, with 1 hedgehog, 2 hamsters, 3 birds and a chihuahua/dachshund/Yorkie dog who is my faithful companion.

Hedgehogs have influenced me in such a deep way that I create jewelry with "quills" such as silver hedgehog pendants and my hedgie bird sculpture is a direct blending of hedgehogs and birds.   I think in terms of "spikeness" since I really like the hedgehog quills, which are hard and sharp, but when hedgehogs are relaxed, it  is like stroking rice.   I'm so used to hedgehog quills, fur often feels too soft for me.   My hands are like hard leather from working with metal for so long.

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