Still enjoying my hedgehog

Jun 19 2009

I'm still enjoying my hedgehog very much - I feel like a mom adoring her newborn baby.   His name is Cal Jr - in honor of Calgary, probably my favorite hedgehog that I had for 3 years and passed away a few years ago.   Cal Jr. has so many of the same mannerisms and quirks that Calgary had, and Calgary was a very distinctive hedgehog.  This little baby has the same loud "voice" but very little of the chronic grouchness Calgary was notorious for.   Here's Cal Jr checking out the newly made Ruffly bracelet.

I've had to take some days off from working after overdoing it on hammering metal and knitting in 20 gauge wire, rather than the thinner 22g. wire so my hands/arms were very achy this week.  It's taken me years to learn to take it easy and work in moderation.  As they say, wisdom comes with age and experience, and it's very true.  After 25 years of working in metal, I can ease up a bit when needed.

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