Rain, rain, will it ever go away?

Jun 29 2009

Generally in New England, the weather is never predictable.   We joke we have construction and winter.   Fall is my favorite season - the air is cool and crisp, the sunlight is so bright and clear, and the trees look like they are flaming in their vivid fall foliage colors.  

However, for the past 3 weeks, it has been nothing but rain, overcast skies and generally miserable weather.   I said on Facebook this is the year that summer never came.    I think we got 3 sunny days out of 3 weeks.   We are going to have a bumper crop of mushrooms from all the rain.   It's hard on me as well, and it's despiriting on my spirits.  I've had to push myself to work and discovered I cannot hammer as much as I used to.   Just hurts my hands too much, so sticking to fabrication and stonesetting right now.

   I'm in the final 4 weeks leading up to the Annual Craftsmen Fair at Mt. Sunapee Resort - www.nhcrafts.org/craftsmens_fair/fair_home.html  so I have to start burning the midnight oil to be done on time.   I should be, I always manage to be finished in time.   I hope we have a good turnout for the fair for it's fun, lots of good things to see, demos to watch, live music and much more.   I've been involved in the Sunapee fair as we NH'ers tend to call it, for over 20 years, and it's interesting to see how each year goes.

Let's hope the darn rain stops soon!  Or I'll have mold growing everywhere which I don't want.

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