Sunapee Fair, Day 4

Aug 04 2009

For the past 3 weeks, I've been pre-occupied in getting ready for the Annual Craftsmen's Fair up at Mt. Sunapee Resort in Newbury, NH.  On Sat, Aug 1, the fair opened to the public, and turnout was good on Sat, plus, Mother Nature gave us sun for a change.  I had good sales on Sat, so that was a relief. Sunday was rainy ( no surprise), but Monday was great.   Tuesday was unexpectly busy and very good with lots of my work selling, so I'm ahead of what I expected.  It was so nice to see friends, old customers, students and people I haven't seen in a while.   I was not optimistic in sales, but people were buying, so I was happy for a change.    My 6'4 Guardian of the Garden sculpture is huge compared to most of the other garden sculptures in the Sculpture Garden.   People didn't recognize my knitted wire dress as my work and were very surprised, so it's nice to show that I can be unexpected in my new work.  Overall, the Sunapee fair is going great.  Only problem is I need 30 hours a day to get anything done at home!

I'll post some pics of various images of Sunapee if I can get out with my camera so wish me luck.  It's hard to get away from my booth.

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