Glorious in Purple dress

Aug 08 2009

Today I found out I won Public Choice Award for my Glorious in Purple wire dress, which I handknitted over a 3 month period.   It's the same  dress I've written about in previous blogs, and it is on display at the CraftWear Exhibit at the League of NH Craftsmen Fair, which is ending on this Sunday the 9th.    It's not typical to find a dress made out of wire but I enjoyed knitting the wire and proved it was possible to make a wire dress.    Now the hard part to figuring out what to do with it after the fair is over.   I'm going to bring home the mannequin with dress on it and figure out how to take dress off, since it's literally knitted onto the mannequin.  I can worry about that later this summer.

One more day of Sunapee fair to go and then I'm done for the year.  I go off to Snow Farm right after I break down my booth to teach for the week.   I have 9 students and will have my hands full!

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