Being lazy

Aug 18 2009

The past month had been very hectic with the Sunapee fair, which thanksfully went well, with great sales, and then I went straight to Snow Farm right after I broke down my booth to teach for a week.  Finally came home Sat afternoon from Snow Farm, gave my car a much-needed carwash, and unload all my teaching stuff.    The weather was very hot, hazy and rendered me completely wiped out.  Couldn't do anything for two days but be listless.  Got some reading done, some serious quality time with my dog and had a little adventure trying to find my hamster, after he pulled a fast one on me, escaping.  My dog found my hamster and little Mr. Blackstone is unharmed after his escape.  

Now, my sewing machines are calling me and I want to get some sewing done this week.  I'm a frustrated apparel designer and have been sewing since I was 11, starting with doll clothes.  I've burned out 3 sewing machines, and the fourth is barely hanging on and the 5th machine is a heavy-duty oldie but goodie.   I make many of my clothes, just because they fit better than commercially made clothing that requires major alterations just to fit properly. Not to mention it's nice to be able to repair clothing as needed.  I do make covers for my booth, cloth bags to hold my flatware and things needed around the house.    I love working with fabric.

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