Recovering from August

Sep 04 2009

August was an brutal month for me.  I had to do the Sunapee fair for 9 days, and then go straight to Snow Farm to teach.  I think I was only home for a week, and we had a heat wave which left me a limp rag.   I went on vacation up in the mountains of NH, visited a couple of the League galleries, gave them new jewelry stock and played tourist.   Now that I'm back home, I recently finished a sewing spree that resulted in new shorts, new skirts, some mending.       

 I'm not quite ready to go back to my workbench.   Sometimes I don't want to pick up my tools and work for a few days.    Now, it's time to look at what's left on my desk and see what I want to get started on.  I haven't done any measuring spoons in almost a year, and I want to make some new patterns.  I have some delightful brass leaf stampings that will look fabulous on the handles of the measuring spoons.   I also want to make some unusual fancy sterling neckchains that incorporates leaf shapes.    I'll post some images once I get some done, maybe in a week.  

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June Weyersberg wrote on September 26,2009
Hi, Joy!

So nice to meet you and admire your beautiful work at Sunapee. I had ordered the Sun Disk Earrings that day and thought I would just check in to see if they are ready for shipment. I really would like to order the matching pendant.