Sep 21 2009

I've been traveling so much, I'm not always sure where I have to be, so I rely on my increasing battered calender to see where I go off to next.   I just came back from Brookfield, CT, where I was teaching Stonesetting at Brookfield Craft Center, in Brookfield, CT.  A great place to take a workshop or class, in a historic mill or 1800's train station.    I built in two days, so I could go to NYC.        

Usually, I drive down to NYC, park on Riverside Drive, walk up to Harlem on Broadway St to pick up the Metro at 145th St.  Parking is free along the Riverside Dr in the 100th streets up to 166th St, and that came from a tip from a student of mine who lives on Riverside Dr.   There's a great place to look for jewelry supplies and a fascinating selection of brass, copper and steel stampings, called Metalliferous on 134th 46th St, between 5th and 6th Ave.    I can lose myself poking around in the cramped showroom, just crammed with all kinds of great stuff.   I only go 2-3 times a year, and the staff now knows me.  It's nice to be recongized in NYC.    You can browse Metalliferous on their website, but it's worth visiting their showroom. 

Hopefully, I can stay home for 2-3 weeks before going off to travel again.  I've been at Snow Farm twice in one month, CT, doing the Sunapee Fair in early Aug, so I just want to stay home a bit.  My productivity is completely shot.   It's hard to get motivated now.  I also finally finished Dan Brown's new novel, The Lost Symbol.  It's an interesting book, and made me think.  I need to reread it again. at least twice to really get the guist of the book. 

Now, it's time to get a little rest and get ready for new classes starting this week and next week for the fall.

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