Fall is Here!

Sep 28 2009

Fall is finally here and I'm loving the cooler weather.  Fall is my favorite time of the year, and it's astonishing just how many colors the leaves can change.  I see shades of yellow to peach to orange to reds, to coral, salmon, eggplant purples and a few other shades as well that cannot be defined.   Living in New Hampshire allows me to see the fullness of the fall foliage, and being out in a more rural suburb, I get to see so many colors, depending where I stand.  I also spent a lot of time commuting on back roads which my mom calls me the Queen of back roads, so I can see foliage off the beaten path.   Somehow all those colors doesn't exactly translate into my artwork, but my house is colorful, with bold paint schemes that work very well.  I do have a colorful, funky basement studio that is pretty much my domain.   I can see why so many men retreat to their garages, dens or workshops, because I'm always in my studio, surrounded by pretty much everything I need.  

Now, if I can get my groove back so I can create new work, I would.  Nearby two months of traveling has left my productivity shot, so I'm slowly getting back into working.  I have a series of sterling neckchains I would like to finished.  I had so many sterling bails which are the little loops that connect pendants to a chain, so I linked all the bails together and it made a very nice chain.   I'm always creating something from odds and ends.  I have a box full of brass bullet casings that are given to me so I want to make some necklaces, bracelets and more measuring spoons out of them.  

As a last note, Cal Jr, my hedgehog is all grown up at over 5 months and is like a hamster in a hedgehog body.  He's the most mellow hedgehog I've ever had, and he's my ninth hedgie.

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