Cute Overload!

Oct 04 2009

Every day, when I turn on the computer, I have to check my email to see if there's any crisises that needs to dealt with, any emails that needs to be responded to, so forth, then I go to Cute Overload for my daily cuteness quota.   Cute Overload is a website of animals in cute positions or situations.   In a world full of ugliness, cruelty, and dispiriting news, it's soul-lifting to feast on cute animals and pets.  Hedgehogs, kittens, dogs, sloths, hamsters, birds, you name them, they are all on Cute Overload.   Certain pets get posted more often, and Winston, the longhaired cat is a Cute Overload favorite.   There was a video of Winston being bathed, and I was laughing so much.    I just love to see what new posts are daily and always leaves me smiling.  Even the captions are funny, for the creator of Cute Overload has a gift for writing.    My favorite section is the hedgehog section, and then small animals for I love to look at the dwarf hamsters and squirrels.    If you ever get a chance, go visit Cute Overload and get your daily cuteness quota which I need on a regular basis.  

If you ever wonder about the 4 legged creatures in my household, the list is - 2 finches, 1 social parakeet, one lopsided face syrian hamster named Elvis, an elderly but spunky dwarf hamster named Mr. Blackstone, Cal the hedgehog and Bosco, my chihuahua/dachshund/Yorkie dog ( yes, you read that correctly).   I cannot be without more than 5-6 pets at any given time.  I tend to have small pets, for I love holding and playing with small pets.   I've had many pets over the years and will continue to be a mom to all creatures, small or large.

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