Oct RISD Alumni Sale

Oct 11 2009

Yesterday, I did the Oct RISD Alumni Sale in Providence, RI.   As usual, it was a madhouse.   It started off slowly, with a small crowd in the morning due to the unpredictable weather, but by noon, it was so packed, you couldn't move easily in the aisle.   We were out on Benefit Street, but we were all under a long tent to provide a little cover from the rain.   I kept getting hit by flying leaves as the wind whipped the tree branches.   I'm still finding dry leaves in my booth stuff as I unpack today.   The sale was ok, which was unusual since people look forward to the 3 yearly RISD sales ( May, Oct and Dec), so I'm not sure what was going on.   I'm glad it's over, for it's exhausting.       

Now I need to get my studio cleaned and organized for the NH Open Doors in less than 4 weeks from now.   I really like it when my studio is clean, organized and I can find everything!   Artists are not necessarily known for their neatness but as I get older, I really have a need for order.   Chaos throws me off and makes it harder to be productive.  A little order goes a long way.................

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