Oct 14 2009

I had to drive up to Lebanon, NH which is the Upper Valley, over by Hanover where Dartmouth College is located this morning.  Usually I go up to Lebanon/Hanover 3-5 times a year.  It's a long drive but necessary. This morning,  I left the house while it was still dark, at 6am.     By the time I was driving on I-89north past New Loudon, NH, there was snow on the ground.  It's only Oct 13th, and it's snowing in upper NH.   I don't think I'm ready for the snow.  Good thing I put some gloves and a snarf in my car.   Living in NH requires that you have cold weather gear and snow removing tools such as scrapers/brushes in your car.   I've even had shovels, and salty sand in my car.   Winter has come very early this year in NH.  I only hope I don't have to deal with 3' snow piles too often.  Last time I measured the snow accumulation on my lawn, it was 16" and that was in Feb-March.    I'm still looking for a heating pad that can run 24/7 without shutting off to keep my hedgehog warm for the winter.  The heat had to be turned on for the first time since April in my house. Brrr.....  The wool sweaters have been taken out of storage and I'm keeping warm. 

As for work, I am rolling out silver ingots into wire, so I can make more sterling wire to make silver chain necklaces for the Currier Museum Gift Shop, which carries my work.   Still working on making my studio presentable ( and organized for me) for the NH Open Doors on Nov 7-8th. 


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Finniss wrote on February 3,2018
It's just Oct thirteenth, and it's snowing in upper NH. I don't believe I'm prepared for the snow. It's fortunate I put a few gloves and a snarf in my auto. Living in NH requires that you have chilly climate outfit.