Sad news

Oct 30 2009

My oldest finch, Chatterbee, passed away this evening.  He was about 4 or 5 years old, and had survived 2 previous finches.   Right now, Miss Daisy is all by herself, so I will have to get another finch in the next few days to keep her company.   Finches must be housed in pairs for they are very social and don't do well alone.    Robert, my parakeet was making a funny sound so upon investigation, it was found that Chatterbee had passed on.   Animals can sense that something is wrong long before we rather dense humans realize what's going on.    Chatterbee truly lived up to his name, being a nonstop chatterbox, always chirping since he came home.   

My dwarf hamster, Mr. Blackstone is also shrinking in size, since he is approaching 2 years in November, which is amazing, considering dwarf hamsters only live 18-24 months.  Mr. Blackstone is almost at 24 months, so he's a toughie.   He's still very fast and like quicksilver if you don't anticipate where he's gotta go next. 

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