NH Open Doors

Nov 10 2009

Over the weekend, I opened my studio to the public as part of the NH Open Doors weekend.   Since I have a very large studio ( which is not typical of most artist's studio) I had more room than usual.   I invited 5 of my artist friends and students to participate in my Open House.  Val Barnes, Tanya Cheropova, Lia Gormley, Marcia Herson, Julia Parkhurst and myself all showed off our work.   We were all jewelers but we all had a different style, so there was a wide range of styles.   It went well, and a lot of friends, former and present students, clients and new people all came.    My studio was really clean for a change and looked great.    Alas, my studio is now back to it's usual mode for working.    I won't be doing  NH Open Doors again for the next few years so it was a good open house for me and my fellow artists.

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