In Memory of Mr. Blackstone

Nov 27 2009

My little dwarf hamster, Mr. Blackstone, passed away very early Thanksgiving day.   He was 24 months old, which is at the edge of a dwarf hamster's life expendency ( 18-24 months), so I'm surprised but pleased he lived a good long life.   He was such a dapper boy, so handsome in his smoky black fur with white feet, chin, belly and tail.  He has gotten wizened in the last few months and his fur had faded to a silver gray, but he was still fast on his feet.  He was a good boy and I'll miss his feisty spirit dearly.  Farewell, Mr. Blackstone..............

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Maura Perry Fine wrote on November 27,2009
He's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!