New Hedgehog pendant

Dec 02 2009

Since I am a faculty member at the Currier Museum Art Center in Manchester, NH, I was encouraged to participate in the Faculty Show at the Museum this month and next month.   I submitted my Flames of Passion brooch and made a new hedgehog pendant.  Since it has been a few years since I made one, I thought I would make a new hedgehog pendant. This time, I wanted to try putting the "quills" on the sides but wasn't sure how it was going to look.   Definitely looks like a naked hedgehog with lush sideburns.  No other way to describe it!   I also put a piece of rough calcite crystal inside the pendant to give it some funkiness.   I like putting crystals and other rocks inside woven pendants so it's not just a quartz crystal glued onto an end cap.   My next hedgehog pendant will have a wavy stripe of quills going down in front.  I'm not quite certain how it will look, but I'm game!

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