First snow storm of Dec and done with classes for 2009

Dec 05 2009

Today was my last workshop for the year and I'm done with classes for a few weeks.   In January, I start anew with the winter semester.   I was teaching Soldering 101 at Sharon Art Center today, and it snowed all day.   Winter is here, whether I'm ready or not   My mom has already decorated the house for Christmas, the warm glow of Christmas lights are everywhere.    

Twilight is my favorite time of the day since it's getting dark, not not quite nighttime but the trees are black again the slowly darkening sky, and the lights of houses twinkle, making it very cozy.   This is the nicest part of New England and the best time of winter.   Once all the Christmas lights are gone in January, it can get pretty bleak in February and March.  I get to slack off a bit, not work so hard on my jewelry, do other stuff and then get back into full gear in January, creating exhibit work for multiple exhibits for spring and summer of 2010.


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