Mysterious Footprints............

Dec 14 2009


This morning when I went out to scrape the driveway clear of the icy snow, I found these odd human-like footprints marching up my driveway, up the snowy lawn into the woods.  I don't know if it's a bear, or a really large dog, or a wolf or coyote.   I have plenty of deer, small animals in the area, but bear sightings are not that common in my neck of woods.  If anyone knows what these are, let me know.

Note : a student says these are bear prints.

Yesterday, I went to CraftBoston at the Cyclorama in Boston, and it was a small, intimate, high-end craft show.  Beautiful show, lots of exhibitors I know, but I don't know if I want to apply, since the hours are very long for 3 days, parking is a big issue, and a lot of my exhibitor friends say sales are not wonderful.   When you do the math, let's say, a 10' x 10' booth costs $1000, add $85-97 for electricity, up to $50 for parking, $30-50 for food, lodging if you have to stay at a hotel, gas, and more, on top of what you've spent for materials to create your artwork. 

You can easily spend 2 grand just to do a craft show.  If your profits are not good, then you have to decide if you want to do that show again or not.  If I don't do well at a show, I don't apply again or wait a few years to try again.   As one exhibitor said, she has to look at the big picture and see how CraftBoston fits in her future plans.   It's made me rethink if I should even apply or not for 2011 or 2012.   RISD alumni sales are easy for me to do, the booth fee is low, it's one day, and I can sell my seconds as well as my good work, so it's worthwhile for me to do them.


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