Countdown to Christmas

Dec 20 2009

After all the news about the blizzard blanketing the East Coast with 2 feet of snow, I count myself lucky to get 2 inches of powdery snow.  Can't complain.  

Since I usually work myself into a frenzy in December to get everyone's orders done, this time, there wasn't as much to finish, so it was kind of nice to relax a bit.  Still have to make gifts for my family, but that's easily done.   Already thinking and starting on new designs for next year.   Usually, I spend January and February making new work for 2 annual exhibits held in Princeton, NJ and Malvern, PA.    I'm all fired up to create new work.   I really love hanging around my studio, finding excuses to solder - what can I say?  I'm a torch fiend!

I've also have experimented with my photography.  I bought bright white 50watt fluorescent bulbs that are frosted so they give a very even white light that is great for lighting.   A friend told me to try a piece of  Acrylic sheet which my father gave me, to give some reflection to rings and bracelets.  I'm going to switch to a piece of smoky glass for it's easier to keep clean and scratch-free.  For once, I managed to get some professional looking shots of rings.  However, it's time to upgrade my camera - just can't get the crisp clarity I need.    I'll be shooting more rings in the near future.

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