A New Year Coming.........

Dec 31 2009

I took some downtime away from my metalworking/jewelry.    I always need to stop for a week to 3 weeks after Christmas to recharge.   Even we artists need a break from our art.    I did go on a 4 day sewing spree.   I'm a frustrated apparel designer for I love fine clothing and fabulous shoes.   My mom jokes that every time we go by shoes, I'm irrestibly drawn to them.   Anyway, I do a lot of sewing for I love working with fabric, buying fabric, cutting them up and making stuff out of fabric.   I have so much fabric it's a little ridiculous, but I can't help it. 

 I confess I am a fabric addict.   Here's a picture of some fabric I bought last night.   I really go for the funky retro patterns.  The 1950's produced some of the most quirky and appealing designs and I really appreciate that and the color combinations.  I have had designed jewelry and spoons inspired on patterns I've seen, but tried to make it more my own.

Considering I love to sew, I'm unfortunately not kind to my sewing machines.  I've burned out 3 of them, am using 2 refurbished ones, and I also have collected some old ones like a beautiful New Home 1888 sewing machine, a Singer from the 20's with an early Art Deco pattern and a few other scattered here and there.  The running joke is, do I have enough sewing machines?   My mother says don't bring home another oldie from the local town dump ( excuse me, the "transfer station").  

Now, I'm racking my brains trying to think of how to make some warrior like or quirky neckpieces to be made out of felt, fur, ribbons, yard, some glass beads and a little wireworking this week.   I need to have some finished pieces ready next week for an exbihit coming up.  Since we are in the middle of a snowstorm, it's perfect for staying in studio for the next few days working.  I'll post pics of finished work once I'm done.  This is new territory for me.

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