Happy New Year's!

Jan 01 2010

It's a new year, a fresh start, the beginning of a new decade.  May 2010 be a calmer decade and more positive the the previous decade.  I've been shifting a lot in my work and feeling restless so I'm going to be trying to raise the bar to step it up.   New designs, new materials and try to do more glass beadmaking.  I would like to get back to cutlerymaking, so I'm been looking for a weekend workshop so I can understand steel better to work with it. 

Who knows how things will work out this year.   I'm going to try to keep blogging as much as possible, since someone told me I should be keeping a mini-journal since I tell interesting stories.   When I think about it, this blog feature is my mini-journal.   Therefore, I can keep telling my stories and my adventures in my craft.  After all, I have a lot of "happenings" that occur in my life, making my artwork and my teaching.   My students can crack me up at times. 

Today's funny comment was that I said my dog was a holy terror, and my mom heard me as "holy terrier".  Bosco is a sweet, reserved dog, but he does get a little wild in my car.  I've never seen any dog so in love with cars.  My dog will do anything to be in a car.  One last note, I finally got a male finch to keep Miss Daisy, my lone finch company.  Here's a picture of both finches.  

Now, if I can find the motivation to get some jewelry made today!

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