Measuring spoon overload

Jan 05 2010

I was on a measuring spoon and salad server roll.   I just got into the groove and finished 5 sets of measuring spoons and 5 sets of salad servers.   Since there's a lot of grinding, deburring, polishing, soldering, it's a really labor-intensive and dirty job.  I tend to put it off till it gets to the point I have to do it, and then do it all at once.  Might as well get seriously dirty.   It's really nice to have lots of new sets on hand and not worry about doing them for a while.  

Now I'm working with felt, glass beads and fiber, trying to make a few once of a kind jewelry that is not metal.   I also finally learned to do a proper purl and knit after doing a basic knit all my life.  Thank goodness for the Internet for basic instructions.   I have a lot of wool yarn that I want to finish knitting and then throw into the washing machine to felt them.  Who knows what I will do with them, but it'll be something weird, fun and unexpected.   I'm never sure where I go when it comes to alternative materials.

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