Felted jewelry

Jan 06 2010

About 2-3 years ago, I tried my hand at felting wool, and took a few workshops.  I loved making felted flowers, but had difficulty making ropes.  Anyway, an exhibit was coming up, and I thought I would try getting back to the felting.   This time, I didn't enjoy felting as much, but then I have a bum elbow, which made it hard to massage the wool for a long time.   I still had a few felted flowers and a bunch of thick felt cords, so I put together 3 flowers and two cords together into this necklace, and put a few glass beads of mine inside the flowers.  I'm inspired to finish 2-3 more necklaces with the remaining flowers and cords I have.    Not sure what to call it - Vines and Flowers?  Garland of Flowers?  I'm open to suggestions.

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