Snow in Philly and DC

Feb 08 2010

I've been watching the monster snowstorm that slammed into Philly, DC, Maryland, Virginia and the mid-Altantic area.    As an seasoned New Hampshirer, I'm so used to snowstorms, blizzards, nasty weather, whatever Mother Nature dishes out for us hardy New Englanders, I couldn't resist chuckling at the discomfort the mid-Altantic residents had to put up with.   I go thru this every winter, and pretty much spend 4 months straight yearly just shoveling snow.   Heck, I even injuried my shoulder and I've come to hate snow.  I'm so happy I didn't have to deal with the 30" snow that hit Philly, DC, Pittsburgh and more.  This Saturday and  Sunday were beautiful, sunny days.   We New Englanders have a wry, weird and distinctly sarcastic sense of humor regarding bad weather.   It's how we survive every winter.    I do have to confess that I'm weary of snow and seriously thinking of relocating to areas that get little snow.  Guess I'm getting old and creaky and cranky ( again, that New England humor!).

I know Mother Nature isn't quite done with us in New England, and I know we'll get a few more nasty snowstorms before spring comes.  On the good side, the days are getting longer.    Maybe I can work longer in my studio.  I've been joking I have a 30 second commute to work since I've found it easier to work at home or very close by.

On the fabric issue, I've been working on my yarn knitting, and just finished a decent knit and purl sample with a border all the way around.   I'm ready to try more advanced knitting techniques.  Keep in mind, I'm solely self-taughted on knitting.

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