New venue for my work

Feb 10 2010

With all those internet online stores and marketplaces like Ebay, Etsy, and much more, it can be a little overwhelming and you can get lost.  Before I got my website, a very limited selection of my work was on various websites, sadly, most are gone, victims of the online craze of the late '90's.   Since my website is not a selling site, but for info purposes, I needed an webstore, which, thru  Artisan's, an easy to use format.   It's nice to be able to upload my images, write my blogs, send out email alerts on a monthly basis.

A few weeks ago, contacted me, interested in selling my work.   After some deliberating, I decided to get them a chance.  So far, in within a month, they sold a bracelet, so I'm hoping it will be a good online selling venue.    I don't really like to do fairs, and it's hard to get around, so trying to sell more online seems easier, less wear and tear on me and my poor car, and more economical, since doing fairs, traveling expenses can be very draining.   We'll see what happens.  Go check out  and see what you think.

Never thought I would become good with computers.   I had to be led kicking and screaming into the computer age in grad school, and to this day, Mac computers still make me break out.   I'm a PC user.  I swear, Mac computers immediately act up the minute they seen me coming.   Now, I can blog, do my own images and much more, but a lot of that is just sheer practice on my humble computer.   You hear and read about people interacting with computers, even being implanted.   I am a cyborg thanks to cochlear implants. Never thought I would have computer chips in my body, and I ended up with two cochlear implants.   Creepy, but it's the only way I'm going to hear.  You hear the old joke that you have a hole in your head?   I literally have 2 surgical holes in my head.  That old joke is very true for me.

Enough of computers and back to my art.

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robertcorey wrote on February 6,2018
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