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carol Murphy wrote on September 3,2012
Joy, I have a pendant that I would like converted into earrings- they are gorgeous aquamarines and i have 2 rings need enlargement as my arthritis is getting worse- chrissy says hi to your hedgehog- have you seen UTubes- hedgehog taking a bath- 2 southern women talking to their floating swimming hedgehog- hysterical

Tracy May wrote on June 30,2012
Your work is absolutely outstanding! Love it!

Deolinda Moro (dee) wrote on June 5,2012
Hi Joy, are you coming to Brookfield any time soon? Do you do private tutorials?

Barbara Carow wrote on May 11,2012 about this blog entry
Looking forward to our class at Metalwerx on Monday! I accidentally ordered two copies of the Mary Lee Hu book from Amazon. Is it okay with you if I offer one for sale at the class? Price is $23.00.

Barbara Carow wrote on December 4,2011 about this blog entry
Looking forward to seeing you on Friday at Metalwerx. I'm excited about learning more about soumak. It sounds like you are ready for some down time in January!

Renee Zirbel wrote on October 27,2011 about this blog entry
I just learnt how to do viking knit. Im hooked! I wouuld also like to know how to do it with multiple colors. Do you have a link for me or a tutorial? Thank you, Renee

Barbara Carow wrote on June 20,2011 about this blog entry
Joy! Why did I never think of combining different colored wires in a Viking knit chain? It's a whole new ball game! Now that I think about it - how do you do that?

JANE wrote on April 8,2011 about this piece
Joy - I love, love, love the ART DECO piece. I am not a pink person, But I also love the geode pieces. You do beautiful work! -Jane

julia parkhurst wrote on March 30,2011
Always looks fresh, Joy. Miss you.

Jennifer Crespo wrote on March 1,2011 about this blog entry
Joy - you are an amazing woman! thank you for being the angel to take Forrest in :)

I know he is happy now and that makes all the difference in the world.



maura fine wrote on January 24,2011
Hi Joy, Thanks so much for sending me this update with your upcoming classes. Right now I'm very Full time at NHIA w/5 studio classes! The real reason I'm writing is to let you know your website is really nice, elegant, with they silvery greay and easy to navigate through. Hope to see you in the spring!

Betsy Johnson wrote on January 24,2011
Joy..I like this design..I have an old mined diamond ( sentimental)...but it is not very large, abit less than 1/3 of a caret...would that work at all. I still like the bezel to show off the diamond...have other projects but maybe we could atleast do that for now...????

Kathy Toomey wrote on November 28,2010
Joy, Enjoyed your wire wrap class at the Currier. Thank You Kathy

Elaine Pura/Luna Tuna wrote on August 4,2010 about this piece
I love this bracelet. What is the material and is it available for wholesale?

Holly Kenny wrote on April 20,2010
Hi Joy! Nice to find you on here! I really enjoyed your metalsmithing class at Snow Farm last year...looking forward to it again this year!

Jennifer crespo wrote on April 14,2010 about this blog entry
He is absolutely adorable! Great picture!

carol murphy wrote on January 1,2010
love your website - to a wonderful teacher and artist

Christie Manning wrote on December 14,2009
I have such a wonderful collection of your jewelry! It goes back a lot of years at the Sunapee,NH fair. See you in 2010!

ken O wrote on December 10,2009 about this blog entry
I have an old torch that resembles one of your retired ones on the left side of the lower photo.

Would you happen to know its purpose?


Laure wrote on December 9,2009
Hi Joy! Your website looks great- and I was happy to see the finished silver hedgehog pendant! Looks amazing. I had a great time in your class this session. Hopefully I will see you soon at the studio!

Wen Redmond wrote on December 9,2009
Love to take the class for beaders when you offer somewhere nearer to NH ( your in CT this winter)

Wen Redmond wrote on December 9,2009 about this blog entry
oh right on- I am so with you! I wrote a simular but different post on my blog, Craft Show or Bust! I am not going to exhibit as much coming years. Hard on the body for little to show. Thanks for your post.

Wen Redmond wrote on December 9,2009 about this blog entry
Great Blog- I am enjoying your posts- esp related to showing work. I get it!

Maura Perry Fine wrote on November 27,2009

I love your shop! It's a treat to open my email and see some of your new work and your prices are very reasonable! I hope to be in touch to buy a pair of your funky earrings!

Maura Perry Fine wrote on November 27,2009 about this blog entry
He's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

June Weyersberg wrote on September 26,2009 about this blog entry
Hi, Joy!

So nice to meet you and admire your beautiful work at Sunapee. I had ordered the Sun Disk Earrings that day and thought I would just check in to see if they are ready for shipment. I really would like to order the matching pendant.

Karen wrote on August 4,2009
Loved your class. Looking forward to more fun lessons.

Christy-Anne Bestwick wrote on July 17,2009
Hi Joy

I have been reading through your blog and love your work! I am currently writing a research presentation on jewellery artists who use different approaches to the making and designing of their jewellery. I would very much like to feature your work in my report. If you are interested, I have asked a few questions below that are very quick and easy and would very much appreciate it if you could answer them. I am a jewellery artist myself and you can check out my blog at


- Would you say that you have an experimental/explorative approach to the making of your jewellery, or do you prefer to have a set idea and design to work to?

-How do you develop and come up with your ideas?

- Do you find many of your ideas are a result of playing around with your materials and experimenting, or are they more purposful?

- please give a brief description of your typical process from inspiration to manufacture.

Please feel free to e-mail me at

Kind regards



Melanie Shapiro wrote on July 6,2009
I like all the things you make.They look so good.

Nancy Beaudette wrote on April 28,2009
I love your work! Totally inspirational, eclectic and fun.

Betsy Johnson wrote on April 3,2009 about this piece
Joy..I love this piece...would you please save it for me!!!!Will it slide over a string of pearles ok???Thanks, and so nice to watch you do your thing...GREAT STUFF lastely....I think of all my silk and wonder if you would like to incorporate silk into something???Betsy Johnson

Julia Parkhurst wrote on April 1,2009 about this blog entry
Me thinks SHE is just about to experience the thrill that only can come from breaking the bonds of the earth for the first time. What a trip it is and this little gal looks like she has just the right pitch to be successful!!!

Maggie Chandonnais wrote on March 30,2009
Your work is beautiful. You can see the love and pride that is put into each piece. Keep up the great work.

Jean wrote on February 26,2009 about this blog entry
The brooch is beautiful, and does make me think that Spring will be here soon.

Julia Parkhurst wrote on February 11,2009 about this piece
These are absolutely adorable, Joy!!!!

Maggie Chandonnais wrote on February 9,2009
Hi, I am a friend of your Aunt Rosie and Uncle David's. They've told me about your work for years. It's beautiful. I would like to know how much you would as for a "sun" charm? One of my grandaughters will be "13" Feb 27th. I call her "Sunshine", So I'd like to get a charm of a sun. I can't find one. Just a small one, It ould be so special.

Rosie is so great and I miss her Lots. I live in Manchester, NH. Please let me know and if you can but not ready by the 27th, that would be fine. I love your work. Maggie

Maggie Chandonnais wrote on February 9,2009
Hi, I am a friend of your Aunt Rosie and Uncle David's. They've told me about your work for years. It's beautiful. I don't have much $.,but I was would like to know how much you would as for a "sun" charm? One of my grandaughters will be "13" Feb 27th. I call her "Sunshine", So I'd like to get a charm of a sun. I can't find one. Just a small one, It ould be so special.

Rosie is so great and I miss her Lots. I live in Manchester, NH. My cell #603-540-0602. Please let me know and if you can but not ready by the 27th, that would be fine. I love your work. Maggie

Wendy Wood wrote on February 9,2009
Joy, LOVE your new stuff, especially the Jetson and retro 50's looks. So very affordable too.

Jill Schiffman wrote on February 8,2009 about this piece
I love your website and the work you are doing! So glad to be able to view it more than at the Fair. Best, Jill

Marissa wrote on January 6,2009 about this blog entry
Joy, I love the hedgiebird. It would look so cute in our garden. He can scare away all the crows :)

Terri Smith wrote on December 13,2008
Your site is simple, direct,and elegant. The grey sets of your work really well. I expect you'll do very well with this. Your work and uniquely creative ideas continue to impress.

Best regards,

Terri Smith

betsy johnson wrote on December 12,2008
Hi Joy..your web site looks fabulous,...thank you for thinking of me...I would like to have you send one of the bracelets with the silver and leather combination to my son for his birthday..January 13, in Chicago so if you contact me after the holiday then that would be great....I know you are terribly busy right now and it can wait til after the New Year....Thank you so much and enjoy the Providence is not that far from me but I am busy...still teaching but not art...I am trying, in these bad economic times to hold on to my place in New Hampshire...thanks, Joy,,,,,,Betsy Johnson......wish I could have one of each!!!I also have a simple job for you later which can wait!!!I popped a princess cut diamond out of a platinum setting to help pay expenses and have t5he setting and now want to put a colored stone in the top or a diamond earring that I have and it may need to be built up around the stone..I love the setting so I kept it...

Lisa Breton wrote on December 11,2008
Hi Joy,nice site,congrats.


Sol y Luna Jewelry


MarissaObrien wrote on December 11,2008 about this blog entry
Great Blog! I look forward to reading it often. Good luck at RISD this weekend.

Valerie Barnes wrote on December 11,2008
Joy--Nicely done! I can't wait to see more!

Donna Hiromura wrote on December 10,2008 about this blog entry
Hello! Congrats on your new website. You are the best. I missed your last class at Hanover and would love to take the wire class. Have a great RISD show!

Barbara Hopkins wrote on December 10,2008 about this piece
Nice site! Your pictures are great and it is nicely organized. Congratulations!


Maura Fine wrote on December 10,2008

What a beautiful shop! You have a wonderful diverse selection of pieces.

Much Success and Abundance to you!



Linda Sorensen wrote on December 10,2008
Very, very classy! Thanks for the info. Hope you get lots of business. Linda S.